June 21, 2010

June 19, 2010

(100) days of summer

100 days. Give or take a few, now that we're one week into it already. 100 days of going back and forth between here and LA...where is here you ask? I'm living it up in Orange County (Laguna Hills to be exact), interning at my favorite crafting magazine, Stampington & Company! And being only five minutes from the Irvine Spectrum is always a plus.  Note to self: do not spend whole lunch break in Anthropologie. Because when I spend time there, I spend money there, and unpaid internship=no shopping money...but awesome experience!! Seriously though, totally stoked about being here by the beach and working in such a great creative environment.

Now that I won't be back in Davis until the fall, and can't just ride my bike to Arcbucks (ARC + Starbucks) with the crew, I'll be making the Starbucks at the Spectrum my new hangout. So you can find me there on my lunch break with my grande cafe vanilla frappachino with an extra banana (thanks Dalia), before I need to run and hope that I don't forget where I parked my car in that massive lot.

Here's to exploring new places, meeting new people, and embarking on exciting adventures. Happy 100 days of summer!