December 27, 2009

home for the holidays

Recap of winter break: 3 weeks of doing nothing but sleeping, shopping and celebrating!

Missed this little muffin!
Got this super cute cupcake stand for Chanukah!  This will be much prettier than using paper plates...

LOVE Anthropologie!!  Saw these phones on display at their Santa Monica store, so vintage.

Also was reminded of the things I'm not a fan waiting 15 minutes for the parents to get EVERY SINGLE KIND OF SALSA in mass quantities from La Salsa.  And picking up the wrong order, always fun. :P
That's a lot of salsa.

December 20, 2009

creative therapy on a sunday afternoon

My mom had one of her altered art classes today (check out her blog here) and although I was supposed to be her assistant, I managed to squeeze into an empty chair and work on a project of my own.  Usually I take forever to figure out what I want to make, and then another forever to pick out the perfect combination of paper.  I actually finished a project in one sitting this time--quite remarkable for the amount of time I take to actually start it.  I altered an acrylic picture frame and made it into a notepad for my desk.  It's super cute AND functional...that's why I like altered art because you can actually use what you make, whether it's a clipboard or jumbo sized clothespin (see photos below).  I love being organized (or at least attempting to be) and organizing your papers with pretty things makes it theory :)

The notepad says "Don't bother me...I'm in a creative mood!"

This is just one of my mom's newest creations.  Adorable altered clipboard and clothespin set (shown here holding a gift card).

December 1, 2009

Super sweet giveaway...yum, more cupcakes!

Scrapbook paper, stationery, notecards...I’m a sucker for anything cutesy that I can write on or create with.  I love everything and anything paper related, so it’s no surprise that when I read about this giveaway, I had to enter!  I heard about this super sweet giveaway on The TomKat Studio blog, one of my new fave blogs.  Another amazing site, Ink Spot Workshop, is hosting a giveaway to win adorable cupcake notecards and a $25 gift certificate for your shopping pleasure at its online shop.  So...this is my entry!  Browse around both of these amazing blogs—I could spend hours reading up on all of the creative ideas!

Click here to find out how to enter!