August 20, 2009

how we operate

Just wanted to point out how vintage the sewing machine is that I'm using. Love the sage green color and the retro brand logo. It was my grandmother's, and since my sewing machine is up in Davis (and missing the foot lift, not that great), this will have to do. Even if it's a bit rusty, it's still so pretty!!!

August 19, 2009

the early years: a scrapbook

Here are some bags that I've recently sold, such professional images, right? I'm starting to sew a new that there's only a month left of summer. Just want to start posting some pictures of what the bags look like, and I'll work on the photography. All of these bags are lined with corduroy, and are totally reversible. There are 4 pockets on the outside and on the inside (including a pocket to put your pens--I lose them all the time in the bottom of my other purses). The tote ties at the top (gotta love alliteration) and is washable. Just iron it afterward to help it keep its shape. A more detailed description to come later once I have pictures of different angles of the bags.

can't stop now

So I can't get enough of, and this video is absolutely my favorite. I love fonts, typography, and everything having to do with letter design, and this satire is just spot-on. Love it.

August 18, 2009

the beginning

Sweet, my first blog post!...Now I know how Julie felt when she started her blog. I saw Julie & Julia last week (SO adorable, everyone must see it), and it inspired me to start my own. Well, that's not totally true...this has been in the works for a while, actually. I wanted a website to display my handbags at first, but then decided that since I didn't want to learn html all over again (thank you 11th grade web design), a blog would be the next best thing. This is really just a test blog to see how it looks and what I need to modify. Not that you needed to know that. Whoever you are. Okay, enough with the movie references. Enjoy the site!