August 28, 2010

a little bit of retro love

Super cute retro typewriter that I bought my mom off of Craigslist for her birthday!  I thought that it was SO mom sees it, and goes, "Elysa...this may be retro for you, but I grew up with these."  Ah well.

And here's a close-up of the card that I made for her as well. Total sucker for a good pun.

August 16, 2010

things to do: make a list

  • sew an adorable laptop sleeve for my new macbook, totally digging this one i found on Etsy
  • transfer all the fonts from my old computer to this one
  • download even more fonts
  • because, seriously, who can ever have enough fonts?
  • run
  • finish the two canvases I started on vacation. in the next year, ideally.
  • learn more about photoshop
  • dye my hair. bought the dye today. hooray for progress.
  • read and bookmark more sites like this
  • because--ohmigod--of gems like this
  • vow to be more organized this quarter
  • again.
  • read more. the new shopaholic book totally counts.
  • (fine.)
  • write handwritten letters
  • become the next Amy Atlas
  • wake up early and  go to garage sales
  • so that i can score incredible finds like this
  • research grad schools where i can get my master's in Building Your Own Incredibly Successful Indie Craft Business From Scratch with an emphasis in Event Planning Like It's Nobody's Business.
  • stop making lists and start doing.
  • but first post pretty (and not in the least bit styled) picture of crafting table while on vacation