July 30, 2010

have a lemontastic day

Summer in San Francisco is not exactly summer in LA. I should know this by now. Case in point: when we went last year, I didn't bring closed-toe shoes, so I had to buy a new (and so unnecessary) pair of converse. This year, I managed to leave my whole collection of jackets, peacoats, and sweatshirts up in my apartment.  Do you blame me though?  I was still in Davis, packing for home (hello 100+ degree weather), so the last thing on my mind was warm clothes.  It was more like: swim suit, shorts, more shorts, tank tops, more shorts, five pairs of sandals...and two pairs of sunglasses. one of which I managed to break and the other...is somewhere...I think...

Here are a few pics from the farmers' market outside of the Ferry Building.
Don't even need the cake, the design is delicious enough in itself!
More graphic design loveliness. Vintage: check: Bold: check. Font: LOVE.
When life gives you lemons, pair it with pretty vibrant flowers and make up words like lemontastic.

July 5, 2010

the fourth

I can't believe it's been three years since I've been back to Pine Mountain Lake.  Summer after high school graduation was the last time I went up to the marina for the annual 4th of July fireworks show, and now I’m entering my senior year of college...isn’t that just crazy?

The first place we always go to is the downtown thrift store. Funny thing is, Kaylee and I despised going there when our mom would drag us many years ago. We would loudly state that we were ONLY here to shop for our dear (fictional) Aunt Floy, because we wouldn’t dare have nearby shoppers thinking we were (gasp!) secondhand shopping for ourselves.  As we got older and I began to love everything vintage—check out the retro orange sewing machine below—I totally appreciated the art of thrifting.

Kaylee hit the jackpot, as usual.  She has eyes like a hawk, and always comes away with the best finds.  Only she can take a skinny red belt and turn a long, shapeless, jean romper-jacket-thing into a super cute dress.  On a rack of a dozen coats and jackets, I spotted a simple, white bustier.  Love at first sight.  I just couldn’t ignore its pleading: Alter me!  I immediately snatched it off the hanger and showed it to Kaylee, who pouted that she didn’t find it first (don’t worry K, you can wear it after I frill it up).  I have tons of ideas from reading through the back issues of Altered Couture.  And I still have a good chunk left of summer to start (and maybe finish?) a project.  Along with the dozen other projects that are floating around inside my head. Oy. Happy July!