May 27, 2010

up where they stay all day in the sun

Davis didn't get the memo about how April showers are supposed to bring their good friend May Flowers to the party.  Because it's almost June.  Y'know, Summer??

I'm tired of wearing pants, so I boycotted the rain today by wearing a jean skirt.  And found out that it's not the most comfortable thing to bike in.  Who'd have thought?  But I sucked it up for the whole mile long bike ride home from campus. Totally hardcore like that.

Costume party last week = fabulous.  The theme was Disney, and I (of course) was...well, try to guess.

Some dude: Who are you supposed to be?
Me: Are you serious?
Some dude:
Me: PURPLE sparkly top...turquoise FISHnet tights...
Some dude:
Me: I have a fork in my hair!!
Some dude:
Me: It's a DINGLEHOPPER!!!!!
Some dude:

Okay, so my Ariel costume wasn't the most obvious, but it was definitely the most creative if I do say so myself.  I whipped up my Dinglehopper-seaflower-hair-thingamabob with literally an hour to go before showtime (recognize it from here?).
This is my intense modeling face.  Being creative, don't mess.

May 10, 2010

this is why i love davis

This is just one of the MANY reasons, of course.  Whole Earth Festival came to Davis this weekend, and it was a blast. Vendors after vendors selling pottery, jewelry, eco-friendly handbags, tie-dye shirts, original paintings...interesting little chia-pet type creatures, fun times.  You go for the free-wheelin, earth-loving atmosphere, do a little shopping, stay for the food (falafel + froyo = delicious), and run into every single person you know.  Davis does it all so well!

This dude was just sitting on the sidewalk, typing out poems on an awesome vintage typewriter!

Super cute popsicle stand!
How cute are these vegan cupcakes??

Ending the day with a cup of froyo :)

May 9, 2010

Dear Mom,

A few things..

1. I will eventually pay you back for "investing" in my [latest] business whenever I go to Michaels.

2. You are going to run out of places to hide things, so when you do...use my closet.  You can't find anything in there anyway!

3. When Oprah discovers me in my makeshift purse-sewing/cupcake-baking/canvas-altering art corner of my apartment, and I become famous overnight, I'll be sure to thank you on the air! (see #1)

4. When I text you, it's usually because I'm in class.  So don't call me, I'll call you ;)

5. I'm sorry I worried you during my dark-emo-paint phase in pre-school. ..

6. I promise to make you a bike basket the future.  It will happen.

7. Con-see-airj.

8. You were right.  I wish I didn't quit piano.

9. Eggplant does NOT equal hashbrowns.

10. "You don't look upset." <-- best line ever.

Thank you for being my manager/editor/biggest advocate/friend and providing me with endless inspiration.  Love you!

xo, Elysa

P.S. Please vote for my mom in the Michaels Most Creative Mom Contest here: Thanks!