November 23, 2011

New home!

New home, new blog! My new OC adventures/craftiness/snarkiness/embarrassing stories will continue here. Thanks for reading!

November 13, 2011

Meeting Martha Stewart: A Teaser Trailer

This blog post was supposed to be about how I met Martha Stewart last week. (I KNOW RIGHT?!) But I have way too much to write about IFBC this past weekend, so writing about Martha will have to be put on hold.

Yes, I KNOW I should have written about it the second I got home, but I had a Zumba class to get to ASAP!

I am aware of the fact that that is not an excuse.

For now, I will post a teaser picture.  I will get back to this soon, I promise.
This book is the most expensive book I will ever purchase, textbooks aside.