April 25, 2011

Containing my excitement over this is hard.

This is a letter from Joy.  I'm sure you know her.  I often attempt to recreate her recipes, and more than often don't do them justice.  That's okay though.  My roommate helps me finish off the batter, I post semi-delicious-looking photos of the outcome, and everyone is happy.

Wait, did you catch that first part? THIS IS A LETTER FROM JOY! She's embarking on a Thirty Things Before Thirty Years journey, and one item on her list was to write more handwritten letters.  Apparently I was having a good Twitter reflex day, because I was one of 30 people to see her tweet and quickly email her my address.  Bam, a week later, look what shows up in my mailbox. The card even has a cupcake design on it from Cakespy. It's like we're best friends or something...or I blog way too much about cupcakes.

It isn't everyday that one of your fave creative celebrities takes the time to handwrite a letter to you--and Joy is most definitely a celeb in the blogosphere.  She'll be humble about it, but it's totally true. When I was in elementary school, I wrote a letter to Lisa Frank asking her to create a mermaid character for her colorful school supplies line.  Lisa never wrote back, but I would like to credit myself with the fruition of said design a year later. Perhaps that's wishful thinking.

Thank you Joy for making my day! When I'm back in LA this summer, I'd love to attend one of your pop-up catering events with your partners-in-crime and actually meet you :)