August 19, 2009

the early years: a scrapbook

Here are some bags that I've recently sold, such professional images, right? I'm starting to sew a new that there's only a month left of summer. Just want to start posting some pictures of what the bags look like, and I'll work on the photography. All of these bags are lined with corduroy, and are totally reversible. There are 4 pockets on the outside and on the inside (including a pocket to put your pens--I lose them all the time in the bottom of my other purses). The tote ties at the top (gotta love alliteration) and is washable. Just iron it afterward to help it keep its shape. A more detailed description to come later once I have pictures of different angles of the bags.

1 comment:

  1. Elysa -- luv, luv your adorable bags! They are perfect for campus life! Finally, a place for my books, phone, wallet, pens, on-the-go snacks and everything else I need for the day! How do I order one?