October 17, 2009

New Bags!

Finally, new bags!  Here are some pics of the four newest handbags that I've finished since being back in Davis.  I have transformed a corner of our living room into a craft center, stragetically arranged so that I can sew while catching up on Glee.  Now if only I could sew, watch television, AND write my paper that's due on Monday all at the same time...could I have a few more hours in the day please?

I included pictures of both the outside and the inside of the bags; they are reversible, so you can change up the style depending on your mood!  If you are interested in buying one of the bags, let me know :)


  1. Cute bags! Especially like the magenta bag with the magenta embroidery fabric.

  2. Hi there!! I LOVE these bags - they are gorgeous. Also love your vintage sewing machine! When I'm not Podging (which isn't often), I have an Elna from my grandmother that is over 35 years old. Not quite vintage, but it doesn't do all of the fancy stuff that the new ones do. I love it!