February 4, 2010

A Sweet Education

Things I have learned about the cupcake baking process...

1) Baking and decorating an hour before an event is never a good idea.  Pop rocks end up getting stuck to your fingers, you never have enough green jelly beans, and the frosting starts melting.  Which brings me to number 2...

2) Make your own frosting.  Using frosting out of the can is convenient, but its too soft.  I've read on ALL of the blogs that you need to make your own buttercream frosting.  So that's the next step.  Find a recipe and hope it tastes good! With allll the time that I have, right???

3) Experiment!  I used Pop Rocks and jelly beans and crystal sprinkles in this most recent batch of cupcakes, as well as a new decorating tip.  Of course, you can't tell the difference because of the melting frosting.  This will change.

4) You will yield more cupcakes per batch if you don't lick the batter as you go :)
Turquoise and pink swirly chocolate cupcakes.
Cupcakes with jelly beans are dipped in Pop Rocks!


  1. I'd like to call a special shareholders meeting please.

  2. i was joking about licking the batter, i promise!!! (for the most part...)