July 30, 2010

have a lemontastic day

Summer in San Francisco is not exactly summer in LA. I should know this by now. Case in point: when we went last year, I didn't bring closed-toe shoes, so I had to buy a new (and so unnecessary) pair of converse. This year, I managed to leave my whole collection of jackets, peacoats, and sweatshirts up in my apartment.  Do you blame me though?  I was still in Davis, packing for home (hello 100+ degree weather), so the last thing on my mind was warm clothes.  It was more like: swim suit, shorts, more shorts, tank tops, more shorts, five pairs of sandals...and two pairs of sunglasses. one of which I managed to break and the other...is somewhere...I think...

Here are a few pics from the farmers' market outside of the Ferry Building.
Don't even need the cake, the design is delicious enough in itself!
More graphic design loveliness. Vintage: check: Bold: check. Font: LOVE.
When life gives you lemons, pair it with pretty vibrant flowers and make up words like lemontastic.

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