August 28, 2010

a little bit of retro love

Super cute retro typewriter that I bought my mom off of Craigslist for her birthday!  I thought that it was SO mom sees it, and goes, "Elysa...this may be retro for you, but I grew up with these."  Ah well.

And here's a close-up of the card that I made for her as well. Total sucker for a good pun.


  1. I guess that makes me a bit retro then -- anyway, I love the handmade card you created, and you can borrow the typewriter whenever you'd like...

  2. I scored a really old baby blue typewriter at a garage sale for $20 recently, and I'm totally smitten! It's my baby! xo Cute blog, by the way. I'm glad I stumbled upon it.