April 21, 2010

Cupcake Break!

Ah, finally.  After an extremely stressful and exhausting day, I think a cupcake post will do me good.  I've been obsessed with these adorable vintage posters from WWII.  Interestingly enough, 2 and half million prints were made, but since they were only to be used as a last resort, they were never distributed. The original slogan was "Keep Calm And Carry On," but recently I've seen a variety of inspiring (and delicious) takes on it.  This one is my favorite! (Are you surprised?)

So true.  I feel so overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done--can I please have a few more hours in the day??  I love it all, but sometimes I need to take a step back and put things in perspective.  In the midst of our crazy, jam-packed college schedules, it's nice to just sit down, keep calm, and eat a cupcake :) You can find this print and many others at KeepCalmShop on Etsy!

Speaking of cupcakes, I am serious about opening up a cupcakery out of my apartment.  I just got an order for Greek-inspired cupcakes for my friend's toga party this weekend...that should be an interesting batch to make!


Cupcakes dipped in Nerds candy for--what else?--the epic neighbor nerd party.


  1. Talk about a sugar rush! What's worse than a party full of nerds? A party full of nerds on a sugar high! I'm sure they were delicious, though. And I'm looking forward to seeing a pic of your Greek-inspired cupcakes...

  2. ok...your blog is making me hungry!!! =)