April 14, 2010


For those of you who have been "living under a rock or just got out of prison," (narrates Mr. Schue) Glee is the cutest, most energetic show that's got everybody talking.  Or rather, singing.  This quotation that opened the first episode after a long hiatus is just one of the many hilarious, snarky comments that are abundantly sprinkled throughout the show.  And I just LOVE snarky.

This week's episode was centered around the word "Hello."  So, in the spirit of Glee and continuing to experiment with new creative endeavors, I thought it was about time for a new post, and a new project: fabric flowers!

There a million tutorials out there on blogs and youtube, I want to try out all of them!  This corduroy and cotton fabric flower was my very first stab at it.  For details on how to create it yourself, visit Heather Bailey's amazing blog.

Now I'm totally going to have to grab some clips and make them into hair accessories!! :)


  1. cuteeee! you should make some blue and gold ones for gamedays! :)

  2. Hello Elysa! Love your new post! Great fabric flower. Show us a pic of you wearing it. Hugs!