May 9, 2010

Dear Mom,

A few things..

1. I will eventually pay you back for "investing" in my [latest] business whenever I go to Michaels.

2. You are going to run out of places to hide things, so when you do...use my closet.  You can't find anything in there anyway!

3. When Oprah discovers me in my makeshift purse-sewing/cupcake-baking/canvas-altering art corner of my apartment, and I become famous overnight, I'll be sure to thank you on the air! (see #1)

4. When I text you, it's usually because I'm in class.  So don't call me, I'll call you ;)

5. I'm sorry I worried you during my dark-emo-paint phase in pre-school. ..

6. I promise to make you a bike basket the future.  It will happen.

7. Con-see-airj.

8. You were right.  I wish I didn't quit piano.

9. Eggplant does NOT equal hashbrowns.

10. "You don't look upset." <-- best line ever.

Thank you for being my manager/editor/biggest advocate/friend and providing me with endless inspiration.  Love you!

xo, Elysa

P.S. Please vote for my mom in the Michaels Most Creative Mom Contest here: Thanks!

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