January 27, 2010

Cupcake Tuesday

Who needs an occasion for baking cupcakes?  I have a meeting tomorrow so sure why not?! Pretty cupcakes make for happy people.  We're still trying different styles with different tips (that's what she said).  I'm just using store frosting because it saves time, we'll see if I get adventureous enough to make my own.

This is usually how our conversations go after the cupcakes are frosted...

Me: We really should put the cupcakes in the fridge...
Tier: Are you on crack?!?
Me: But the frosting is MELTING!
Tier: NO it isn't!!!
Me: FINE well it's losing its shape...
Tier: Do you want them to be all cold when they're eaten?
Me: I like them cold!!
Tier: *face palm*

We make a good team :)

Stay tuned for Cupcake Fail!

1 comment:

  1. Elysa... it is your fabulous roomie... and lets just say that I love you but you are crazy! <3

    oh and ps- IT WON'T MELT!!!