January 8, 2010

New Year's 2010 - The Opening of the Time Capsule!

Hello 2010, you came around at the perfect time! I've tied up the loose ends of 2009 and am ready for a whole new year full of possibility.

I was lucky enough to spend new year's weekend at not one, but TWO beautiful beach houses in Oxnard with my family and family friends.  Our families got together on the eve of the turn of the millennium and created a time capsule.  We included newspapers, pictures, and other objects that we thought captured the spirit of that time.  We said we would all meet up in 10 years, and open up the time capsule.

So this year was THE year!!  After much anticipation (at least by my sister and me), we opened it.  I knew that I had put in butterfly clips and pokemon cards, but I was so surprised to find that I had written a letter to my future self--that was pretty cool (and very forward-thinking for my 11-year old self!). It was definitely a New Year's celebration to remember, full of cupcake baking (don't forget the multicultural one), getting stuck in stairs, backpocket deals, half-eaten chocolate lollipops, Vons biking adventures, beach bonfires, and getting owned in Monopoly.  Here's to the next 10 years!!..when I'll be 31...oh boy... :)

The lovely place settings: champagne flutres filled with m&ms, ferrero rocher, and a handmade chocolate lollipop!

These cupcakes were so delicious, and so pretty! my favorite part is the silver sprinkles, very new year's :)

sisters <3

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