February 2, 2011

spiked banana milkshakes and other tuesday ramblings

It's 1:18am. Studying for two back-to-back midterms on Thursday. I really need to sleep. But right now I just really want this.
What is this, you ask? I like to call it a Frothy Coffee Banana Milkshake with a Hint (Cough) of Vodka Because We're All Out of Baileys and It's a Thursday Night and I Just Took Two Midterms In a Row So It's Justifiable.

I will be making this in approximately 40 hours.


2 over-ripe bananas that you were going to make banana bread with but you're in this mindset that bread equals carbs and you wouldn't want that would you so it's about time you did something with them.

1 of those canned Starbucks Mocha drinks that call themselves frappucchinos but really taste like water unless you mix it with something like bananas.

2 scoops vanilla ice cream ONLY because it was left over from some neighbor shindig and I highly encourage substituting chocolate, coffee, or virtually ANY other flavor.

1 cup milk or however much calcium you still need for the day.

1 cup crushed ice to make it frothy because frothy is fantastic.

X number of shots depending on the kind of week you had of whatever alcoholic beverage happens to be in your kitchen. Ask your roommate for permission first even though she will give you a look and mumble something about choosing milkshakes over cowboys. Vegas joke, sorry, slight tangent...

Directions: Blend everything together in that Magic Bullet that your awesome mom surprised you with after lusting over it for years on those infomercials.

Cheers! Have a lovely Wednesday!


  1. From your slightly concerned roomie: that was all sorts of special. But I still love you... even though you pick milkshakes over beautiful 6'4" cowboys (weirdo).
    Anyways back to my paper... On Thursday I'll have four of these... just hold the milkshake.

  2. Awesome? Your Mom must be one special woman. Love your witty post.