February 14, 2011

An Ode to Joy: Vanilla and Chocolate Cornbready Cupcakes

Cupcakes are many things.

They are pretty.
And they are fluffy.
Definitely not allowed in my new eat-healthy-get-fit plan.

But one thing that they should not be: Cornbready.

Yeah, these little cuties definitely tasted like cornbread.  Quite possibly because, in an effort to be "healthier," I halved the sugar that the recipe called for.  This probably breaks every single rule in the cookbook.  Didn't think it would matter, but nope, they definitely tasted like cornbread.

This normally wouldn't be such a big deal, but this was the first recipe that I tried from Joy the Baker.  Joy is an inspiration to professional and amateur bakers, cooks, and people who just plain love to read witty things.  Her blog is so fantastic and expansive, the photographs she takes are positively mouth-watering, and I have gotten lost for hours and hours on end just sifting through her posts.  OH and she also hosts super awesome, trendy, and delicious events in Los Angeles (hometown shoutout)! So, in between writing papers, studying for midterms, and trying to figure out a general plan for my future, my pastime as of late has been bookmarking her recipes, and trying to not drool on my laptop.

Back to my predicament.  Cornbread cupcakes?? Who would eat that? This was super embarrassing...I mean, it was just 12 cupcakes.  One stick of butter. You can't mess that up!  I needed a solution, stat.  I turned to what I knew and took a page from the last batch of cupcakes that I made.  I cut out the top of the cupcake and infused them with chocolate ganache. Problem solved. Sort of.  If you could get over the mealy texture.

In any case, the frosting turned out pretty.  And I highly doubt any of the 18-21 year olds buying them at our sorority's table on the quad even noticed.

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