February 9, 2011

Superbowl? Try Super-Bowl-Them-Over-With-Cupcakes!

My sports-loving neighbors: Elysa, do you even know who is playing on Sunday?
Me: ...uhm...[platter appears] Cupcake??
My cupcake-loving neighbors: OMG YOU'RE AWESOME!

Figured that if I fed them, I wouldn't have to hear about my lack of sports knowledge for three straight hours.  Introducing my rendition of GuinnessGasm cupcakes (recipe from SF Food Wars found here).  They were chocolate Guinness cupcakes with a chocolate ganache center, topped with Baileys frosting.  This is why they keep me around.
Let's take a moment to appreciate the fact that while I was making these FROM SCRATCH, Tier's contribution was nacho ingredients, then chilling in front of the tv. Yep, that's how we work.

Attempted artsy shot.  Note to self: learn how to do neat things with camera.
GOOO...FOOTBALL!!! ...Yeahhh...If the neighbors hadn't made delicious nachos, I would have peaced.

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